Jinu Sunil


I am Jinu Sunil Manalody from the southern metropolitan city. What else to say about me? I am very loving, caring, helping? No. That’s not nice to say like that here. This is what I love to hear when others talking about me. Ok? I am a simple, fun loving, dreaming and to an extend a lazy girl (at 26 also girl is a girl only. You agree?). I don’t like to change what I have told once.

I love cooking and dreaming. I cook south- Indian, north-Indian, Chinese, continental, Italian and Thai dishes. Don’t ask whether I really know all these. I just told I cook all these. Even if my Chinese schezwan fried rice tastes like sambar rice, I will call it schezwan fried rice fried rice only. I have the copyright for that.

I like to watch comedy movies and sometimes serious topics too. But no parallel movies. I don’t know why people are responding so late in such movies. I love melodies. Language doesn’t matter.

I am married and staying with my cute sweet hubby Sunil Manalody. Most of the people get confused what this “Manalody” stands for. It’s his family name. Now mine too. Sunil is very sweet and patient. None else can bear my naughtiness. He’s a strong fan of my cooking – I know, now you think he doesn’t have options. 🙂

I am very weak in games and all. My laziness may be the main reason for that. Running, jumping… Oh Jesus! I can’t imagine that.

I will update this section later

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