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Miss India Universe 2011

Beauty pageant “Miss India Universe” is conducted every year and the winner of the same represents India in Miss Universe Contest.

Miss-Universe-1994 sushmita sen

Miss-Universe-1994 sushmita sen

Till now Ms. Sushmita Sen and Ms. Lara Dutta from our country have been coroneted in this prestigious contest in 1994 and 2000, respectively.

Miss India Universe 2011

Sunkavalli Vasuki, 26 years old beauty from Hyderabad has won this title at Mumbai on 15th July 2011 by defeating 16 contestants; this victory reserved her represent India in Miss Universe Contest at Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Miss Universe India 2011 - Sunkavalli Vasuki

Sunkavalli Vasuki

The current Miss India Universe, Ms. Vasuki belongs to Ungatore in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.

She was crowned by Ms Sushmita Sen, famous actress and first Miss Universe from India in 1994.

We hope that Ms. Sunkavalli Vasuki is a strong competitor in severe battle for winning the title of MISS UNIVERSE this year. The entire country wishes her the best. Smiley

Myths about Weight Loss

In this modern world no one wishes to be looking fat, People are ready to face all the challenges to become lean, some are taking advantage over this and started earning money out of this by giving ideas which may even cause hazard than good.

1. If I sharply reduce my calories, I will lose weight faster

When you try to cut your calories severely, your metabolism gets slow rather than speeding up by making it more difficult to lose weight. Avoid starving yourself.

Exercising on an Empty Stomach will not help you lose weight

Exercising on an Empty Stomach will not help you lose weight

2. You have to work out two hours a day, every day at a high intensity to lose weight

Not a true fact. Studies show that 30-60 minutes of moderate exercises like brisk walking or jogging is far enough to stay fit with a healthy intake of food.

3. You Can Burn More Fat Exercising on an Empty Stomach

Blood glucose will be low on an empty stomach when fasting, but you need glucose when you exercise.

If you fail to eat before a workout session; you risk muscle protein being converted to glucose to maintain a critical level of blood glucose.

Hence it is best to have some toast or energy bar or fruit juice or sports drink to give your blood glucose a little boost before you work out thereby preventing the use of muscle for energy.

4. If I drastically cut calories, I’ll lose weight faster

This is just the same as we discussed in first point. When you calorie intake is low, your body moves into Starvation mode through which your metabolism will actually slow down and you may not lose weight.

Drinking Water will not help you to lose weight

Drinking Water will not help you to lose weight

5. Drinking lot of water helps to lose weight.

Drinking water is good for health, but it does not have any connection with weight loss.

6. The stricter the diet, the better it will work.

When you are so strict in your diet by completely eliminating entire food groups or eating just one food, you’ll get tired of the allowed food and finally you will quit everything.

7. Don’t eat between meals.

Long gap between meals will make your metabolism go wrong, thereby getting too hungry which makes you overeat at your next meal.

8. Skipping meals will help me lose weight

Skipping meals will actually make you gain weight, your metabolism plummets and you get overly-hungry when go too long without eating. Because of this you may not be reaching your daily calorie requirements which will backfire on you.

dairy items gives you more calcium

dairy items gives you more calcium

9. Dairy is a “don’t” on healthy diets.

Dairy products give you more calcium which can actually give our weight loss efforts a boost.

10. Fat is bad.

Not all Fats are bad to health; fats like omega-3 fatty acids are good for health

11. To lose weight, I have to quit eating my favorite foods

It’s not that you have to stop eating your favorite foods, you just want to consider the amount to intake. Little amount intake will help you keep motivated.

12. Don’t Eat Carbohydrates Because They Turn to Fat

Only overeating of carbohydrates will make you gain more fat. The fats from carbohydrates will not store on your body permanently. Easily you can burn it off just like the way you burn off your dietary fat.  Smiley      Smiley      Smiley