Vishu – the new year festival

Today is Keralites important festival Vishu, let me tell you something about Vishu and the way we celebrated it in our house.

Vishu is a New Year festival celebrated all over in Kerala during the first month of Chingam, the harvest season in Kerala.


The most important event Vishukkani is inseperable from Vishu, the first thing to be seen on the day of Vishu immediately after you wake up.

Vishu kani

Vishukkani consists of a formal procedure of arranging items like

  • raw rice
  • lemon
  • cucumber (should be in golden colour)
  • betel leaves
  • fruits you wish
  • coconut
  • val beans
  • konnapoo(konna flowers)
  • Metal mirror
  • coins, rupee notes
  • gold and Nilavillaku(lamp)

Some will keep all these in a uruli(vessel).It is a belief that an auspicious kani sight in the crack of dawn on the Vishu day would prove lucky for the entire year. Hence, Vishukkani is prepared with lot of care to make it the most pleasing and positive sight.


Usually Vishukkani will be prepared on the night before Vishu. The elder woman in the house wakes up early and will lit the lamps by closing her eyes.

She opens her eyes to take a look at the golden scene that spreads in front by the reflection from the cucumber, gold ornaments, bronze mirror, kanikonna flower clusters and the image of Balagopala.

Kanikanal vishu-kani-kanal

After her Kanikanal gets over, she wakes up other family members one by one and guides them to the Pooja Room to see Kani.

The children are brought keeping their eyes covered by her loving hand or a cloth to prevent them from opening the eyes and see the mundane before seeing the divine.

If people have cattle, thodi(Garden) at home means they will take the Kani uruli finally around the house three times.

Vishu Kaineetam

The elder one in the family will give Kaineetam to the younger ones.

kaineetam kaineettam

The kaineetam consists of giving money along with betel leaves, Konna flowers, rice and gold where the rice, betel leaves, Konna flowers and gold are returned.

Vishu Saddhya

Saddhya(food) is a major part of all Kerala festivals. But for Vishu, Vishu Kanji and Thoran are more important. The Kanji is made of rice, coconut milk and spices.

All types of tastes should be prepared on that day. Many will prepare Veppampoo rasam(bitter), mango pachadi(sour), pradhaman(sweet), pappadam(salt).

If you desire to wish people in Malayalam spell it as “Yende hrudhayam neranja Vishu dhina aashamshagal”.

I wish you all a very Happy Vishu.Smiley

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