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Prey – Because the Time is Running Out

Now a days I started to read more books. One of my friends suggested me Robin Cook and Michael Crichton

Prey is a highly recommended entertaining read. Michael Crichton, as most know, is the prolific author of many famous novels, many of which have been made into equally famous movies.

Jack Forman has been relegated to being a househusband after being unfairly fired from his job at MediaTronics. There, he was a manager as well as a programmer of cutting-edge code that emulated biological processes – that imitated life. He now stays home and takes care of the kids and, to his own surprise, is quite comfortable doing it. His wife, Julia, is the breadwinner now, working at a place called Xymos Technology. She is excited about the new products being developed there. The big corporate achievement is that of a new kind of medical imaging. Cameras – a swarm of camera parts actually, all working together – can be injected into the human body, each camera bit being no bigger than one-tenth of a billionth of an inch, smaller than microscopic dust. The science of producing such small pieces of machinery is called nanotechnology. The thousands of camera bits actually work together to produce an image due to an old program written by Jack, a program based on the swarming of bees, and �borrowed� now by Xymos to make their technology work.

Perhaps Julia is overworked? She is changing. Once a happy, personable woman, she is becoming short-tempered, edgy, even irrational at times. She hardly ever comes home any more, working longer and longer hours. Jack is worried about her. Is she having an affair? They have three children, a boy, a girl, and a baby, Amanda. Amanda takes ill one day, developing a terrible rash that covers her entire body. Julia is there at home but allows Jack to rush their daughter to the emergency room while she stays with the other children. The baby is howling and Jack believes she must be in pain. Julia is amazingly unconcerned.

The hospital performs many tests, but none seem to either help or explain the baby�s malady. But when Amanda is taken for an MRI, she suddenly stops howling, and as abruptly, the rash clears up, leaving as fast as it came. The baby is fine. What happened? What Jack doesn�t know then but will soon find out is that Amanda�s symptoms of illness were caused by a new kind of combined technological and biological creature, one that will very shortly threaten all of life on Earth.

I dont want to break the suspense. Go ahead and read. I completed the book in 2 sittings.

In my next posts I will tell you some other stories 🙂