Friendship that Never Dies

Who was she to me? My sister, best friend, soul mate or more than that. Still I can’t believe that she’s no more in this world. Is death is so easy? I am talking about my best friend Saritha who died in a road accident on Jan 9th, 2009. I heard her voice few days before her accident. Still i can’t believe that she’s dead. I feel I can see her when I am going to my native and I can call her up anytime I want. Whenever I call she used to say ” Hii dear I was thinking to call you. But now you called me up”.

This is Saritha when I met her last – On my marriage reception

I met her first when she joined my school in 9th standard. We were in different divisions. I noticed her the first day. She was so pretty and attractive. She had big beautiful eyes. She was very good in studies too. I think we made a good friendship that time itself. In +2 we were in the same class. We were in the same tuition center also. Once, only we both girls cut the chemistry class and went to library and ate ice creams. 2 years went like that. After that we joined the new polytechnic came in our city. It was all planned. Many of our +2 friends joined there but we both only came in the same class – computer engineering. We made soul mates. If anyone sees me or Saritha alone he/she used to ask “Where’s your soul?” We got another 4 friends named Rasna, Anju, Divya and Shyja and made a gang “Super 6”. But then too we both shared a special bond. After seen “Kuch kuch hota hai” I and Saritha used to touch each others nose when we meet each morning-the same way Rahul and Anjali did. Many problems happened with other gangs but she was there with me for all good and bad things. We joined for computer tuition and skipped many classes and our tutor called us ‘Siamese Twins’.� We, Super 6, stayed together at her house 6 months to do our project. That time was my best memorable time in life. So much of fun, cooking experiments, uniform washing and ironing, movies, serials, birthday celebrations, extra curricular activities. Once our group photo came in television too. Our principal used to scold us for practicing songs and dances during study vacations and threat others that “these gang will do all these junks and get good marks. if you waste your study time by practicing these you all will fail”. There are countless funny and happy events occurred. But I feel my heart very heavy. I feel sometimes I will write a book about her – Lost my soul forever. Saritha was a girl of suffer and sacrifice. In her death’s shock what i lost was priceless. But I like to think that I sent a little angel with my best friend to take care of her.

Tip: Once she told me that sometimes the boy from the other batch Sunil A Manalody will marry you. I told her sometimes I won’t marry, but it will never happen. But after 7 years it happened! I don�t know how. Could she predict the future?

4 thoughts on “Friendship that Never Dies

  1. Arun

    Hi, Friend
    I don’t know you. But your words make me cry. Really touching friendship. I saw this link in orkut group and from their I understand her husband and some others planned… and it was not an accident. So cruel.
    May be law will leave them. The God will not.
    They will have to pay for it one day. In your blog last words, I think she is a part of God who can predict. pray for her soul. Hope she will born again.

  2. Renjith Das

    Hi Friend,

    i know saritha personally .. we got in touch through orkut..tht time i was searching a job….she helped me a lot ….As u said she is a best friend tht one could ever have..i got shocked one i come across tht bad news..still i cant believe tht she is no more ….

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