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Daddy Day Care

Another nice movie for kids and adults. Daddy Day Care is a 2003 American comedy film, starring Eddie Murphy. Charlie Hinton (Eddie Murphy), a busy working father, is laid off after the health division in his company is shut down. Desperate for money, he opens up a day care center with the help of two friends (Jeff Garlin and Steve Zahn). As it became more popular, a nearby school’s daycare became less populated, because Charlie’s center, Daddy Day Care, is much cheaper. Mrs. Harridan (Anjelica Huston), the headmistress of the competition school, attempts to shut down Daddy Day Care, but fails. Charlie and one of his friends are offered a better job and they decide to take it. But not long after, Charlie soon realizes that the job isn’t what he really wants to do. He returns to Daddy Day Care, only to learn that everybody left and went to the expensive school. He successfully convinces the children and their parents to come back, and Daddy Day Care becomes a raging success.

Wild Child – A Nice Movie

Now a days I am getting more time to watch movies and listen songs. I recently happened to watch Wild child. The story is about a teenager in her school. I really liked it. Watch it if you can. Definitely you too like it.

The film proper begins after Poppy’s long-suffering father sends her packing from their flash Malibu pad to an English boarding school, Abbey Mount. Faster� than you can say ‘whatever’, Poppy makes herself unpopular with her roommates by refusing to adhere to the school’s rules. She makes a particular enemy of� haughty head-girl Harriet, who has a thing for Freddie, the handsome son of the school’s headmistress, Mrs Kingsley.Distraught without her LA trappings – therapist, iPhone, and Jimmy Choo shoes – Poppy comes across like an extra from Mean Girls. At mealtimes she utters Buddhist chants while everyone else says grace, and then refuses to eat the food on offer, claiming she’s vegetarian, pescatarian and fruititarian. With the help of her roommates – who take pity on her when they discover Poppy’s mother died in a car crash when she was 11 – our girl resolves to leave the school by getting herself expelled.

Somehow she becomes very close her 4 roommates. The principal’s cute charm boy Freddie fell in love with Poppy Moor. And Poppy leads the school sports team in victory and becomes the pet of all in school. These things made Harriet jealous and she’s waiting for a chance to take revenge. Harriet sends mails to Poppy�s room mates and Freddie from Poppy�s email and all started to hate her. I don’t want to tell the entire story and spoil your interest in watching the movie. See how she comes out from all the problems.

Our Poppy is the one with blue color ribbon.