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Mobile Manners We have to Follow

In between important meetings, in cinema hall or even in church sometimes mobile phones become villian. Most of the people use their phones to speak or play music loudly and don’t care about others around. Sometimes while traveling in bus, I could hear the full family history of some people. Really funny. Here are some rules or manners we have to follow when using mobile phones.� Don’t be panic by hearing rules. Simple ones. Very simple ones.

1. When possible go outside or to another room to make your call
Your call might disturb others. Also, features such as text messaging answering services, call diversion and vibration alert can be used to receive important calls without disturbing others.

2. If you need to keep your phone on for important calls, then turn it to silent or vibrate mode.
It’s the ring of a mobile phone in inappropriate places and times such as at the tennis or in restaurants which annoys people the most.

3. When required turn your phone off and check it’s off
There are some places where people should never talk on a mobile phone or send text messages and where the ringing of a mobile phone or message alert is considered highly unacceptable, such as: movies, stage shows, weddings, funerals, concerts, speeches, classrooms and lectures. In these cases, turn your phone off and remember to check it’s off before you enter the venue. You can always check your voicemail, text messages or your answering service afterwards.

4. Keep your conversations private
People’s sense of personal space varies in each situation. Making a call in a busy pub may be okay, but talking loudly in a confined space like a lift or on a train tends to infringe on others personal space. Be aware of where you are and who you are with and what others are doing before deciding to make or accept a call. In some situations it might be better to send a text message.

5. Speak softly
Mobile phones have very sensitive microphones that can pick even the softest voice, so there is no need to shout. If you are having trouble hearing the other caller, check that you have the volume on your phone set high enough.

6. You don’t always have to answer- use your messaging service
It’s a natural reflex to answer your phone if it rings, however, if you forget to put your phone on silent or vibrate mode and it rings at an inappropriate moment, send the call to voice mail or your answering service.

7. Talk to the one you’re with
If you receive a call during a conversation, send the call to your voicemail or answering service. Your first priority should be to the person you are with. However, if you are expecting an important call let the person you’re with know before the call arrives and excuse yourself before accepting the call.

8. Don’t send inappropriate messages
Messaging is a great way to communicate, but don’t send offensive or threatening text, voice, picture or any other sort of message, because it is a criminal offence to use a mobile phone to menace or harass someone. Also receivers can save messages and easily identify you as the sender.

9. Respect others’ privacy when using in-phone cameras
In-phone cameras shouldn’t be used anywhere a normal camera would be considered inappropriate, such as in change rooms or toilets. You should ask for permission before you take someone’s picture. Also bear in mind that some venues do not allow the use of cameras and may refuse entry to anyone with one.

10. Ban the ring: not the phone
Wherever conversations are normally acceptable, venues can help by asking people to turn their phones to silent or vibrate mode rather than turning it off. This approach will help with compliance, especially for people who need their phone for important calls. Venues can also assist by reminding people to set their phones to silent mode, before they enter.

If you can follow these rules, that will be great. Some people just speak in mobile in crowded place or other important places to simply show off. They will tell about big business deals and all. Remember people won’t feel respect to you by doing this. They may be cursing you for disturbing.

Chak De India – Go For It, India

I know this is a lengthy post. I tried my level best to brief the story.

This is the story of a hardworking coach who once lost his world cup in hockey by chance and was treated as a cheater by media and authority.(after the last shot Kabir Khan falls down with utter sadness and the Pakistan captain gives him a hand to get up. It is illustrated by the media as a match-fixing). The speculation and prejudice exhibited towards Kabir forces him and his mother out of their ancestral home and into exile. After 7 years he comes back to coach the Indian women hockey team. And he is telling that he was preparing himself to coach these girls. The sports authority has no hope in Kabir (the coach) and his team. The main problem Kabir has to face was there was no team, just a bunch of girls who have come together with a baggage of class, region and interpersonal rivalries. The small town girls hate the urban snobs; the city-slickers think Chhattisgarh is a jungle, the seniors can’t bear the juniors stealing the limelight and petty camps create a virtual gang-war which even builds into a mutiny against the disciplinarian coach.

These are our 16 players

Komal Chautala (Chitrashi Rawat) from a village in Haryana conflicts with Preeti Sabarwal (Sagarika Ghatge) from Chandigarh whom she refers to as “memsaab”; tough girl Balbir Kaur (Tanya Abrol) from the Punjab has an extremely short temper and frequently loses it, especially during games, which causes the team to play one woman short. She also bullies Rani Dispotta (Seema Azmi) and Soimoi Kerketa (Nisha Nair), both from jungle villages in Jharkhand; and Mary Lalte (Kimi Laldawla) from Mizoram and Molly Zimik (Masochon “Chon Chon” Zimik) from Manipur (in North-East India) are both treated as “foreign” by virtually everyone they meet. Komal’s parents worry that her interest in hockey will destroy all hope of a good marriage; team captain Vidya Sharma (Vidya Malvade) is forced to choose between hockey and the wishes of her husband’s family; and Preeti’s boyfriend, the (fictional) vice captain of the India national cricket team, Abimanyu Singh (Vivan Bhatena), mocks her involvement with the team, telling her that her only important role is being his wife.

Kabir�s strictness and rough nature was intolerable for the girls. The girls wanted Kabir to go back and for that only they are ready to be a team. Kabir forced to resign and he gives a party to the girls at McDonald’s. There some boys try to abuse Mary and Molly and all girls started to fight with the boys and defeat them. It is a turning point for the team and in shame the girls beg Khan to stay as their coach. They start to practice very hard.

Chak De India

Beautiful scenes

The team’s preparation receives a temporary setback, however, when hockey officials suddenly decide not to send the women’s team to Australia for The World Championship. Rather than concede to what he deems an unjust request, Khan demands a challenge match against men’s national team. If his team wins, Khan argues, they get to go to The World Championship. The officials agree, albeit reluctantly. Although the girls play a hard game during this challenge match, they ultimately lose 2-3 to the men’s team. Their vigor and spirit proved so inspirational, however, that the men’s team, in appreciation, raise their hockey sticks as a salute to them Thus, despite their loss, the officials agree to send the women’s team to Australia. The team gets an unexpected and thrilling victory. That leads the restoration of Khan�s good name. It also destroys the prejudices which once separated the girls and proves to their families and country the merit of women’s athletics. There are so many scenes to mention in this movie. The scene in which Komal allowed Preeti to stroke was one of them. (They were like great enemies till that time). Preeti rejects Abimanyu Singh (he lost his cricket world cup) says that she is concentrating more in hockey. This movie shows how unity will bring success.


The screenwriter Jaideep Sahni was inspired to create a film about the Indian Women’s Hockey Team after reading a short article about the winning of the Gold by the women’s team at the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Director Shamit Amin noted the lack of coverage of the women’s team by the media and that “there are a lot of odds these players are up against.” The story of Chak De was deeply inspired by the real life story of ex Chief National Coach Maharaj Krishan Kaushik and his Indian Women’s hockey team’s real feat of winning the Commonwealth and many other championships.


Chak De India has won numerous awards including eight for Best Film from: The Apsara Film & Television Producers Guild, The Australian Indian Film Festival, The Billie Awards, The International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA), The Star Screen Awards, The UNFPA-Laadli Media Awards, The V. Shantaram Awards, and The Zee Cine Awards. It also received the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Movie.

Social impact

India Today describes Chak De India as, “the most feisty girl power movie to have come out of Bollywood ever. Chak De India was referenced as influential when the Indian Hockey Federation was suspended in April, 2008. Chak De India has included in foreign universities� MBA books as case study

Chocolate Marble Cake

Chocolate is swirled into the vanilla batter to make this marble cake. Frost with chocolate frosting.

1 cup unsweetened chocolate, melted and cooled

1 3/4 cup sifted cake flour

2 1/4 teaspoons baking powder

3/4 teaspoon salt

1/3 cup vegetable oil

3/4 cup milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 egg

1 cup sugar

Sift together the flour, baking powder, and salt. Stir in oil, milk and vanilla and beat until batter is very smooth. In another bowl, beat the eggs until thick and foamy. Gradually add sugar and continue beating until well blended. Fold egg and sugar mixture thoroughly into batter. Drizzle chocolate over the batter then cut through batter several times to give a marbled appearance. Pour into a greased and floured 13x9x2-inch baking pan. Bake at 325� for 35 to 45 minutes. Cool then frost.

Yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Cake Ready. Taste it.

Ordered Tata Nano? Wait more�

Latest news shows that Tata may exit Singur and take Nano project somewhere else.
Tata Motors Chairman Ratan Tata on Friday threatened to exit West Bengal if there was no let up in violence at Singur, where the company is building a factory to make the world’s cheapest car ‘Nano.’� “We are deeply concerned at the violence and disruption and at the safety of our employees, equipment and investments at the project site at Singur,” Tata told reporters on the sidelines of the Tata Tea annual general meeting.
“If need be we will move and relocate the Nano project elsewhere. We have made a major investment in West Bengal. To move will be at a great cost to Tata Motors and to shareholders, but relocation will also cost the West Bengal government. However, I will not bring my employees here if they will be beaten up,” the Tata Group chairman said.

I don�t know why this West Bengal and Kerala governments and politicians always against development. Communist party always argues that they are the party of workers. Then what is the problem? So many people will get job in these companies. I appreciate Tamil Nadu government and politicians in this. They gave land to start Car Companies for Hyundai and Ford and now so many Tamilians are working there. Why this communist party always think backward? I am not supporting any political parties. But I have some political views. Do something for the development of the state and country. Protesting everything is not nice. Have you ever heard of a state with 80 harthals in 6 months? Harthal is the same bandh only yaar. As the Court banned bandh, we gave it a nickname as harthal and celebrating at least once in a week. That is Kerala. All the political parties are now big burdens to keralites (no matter whether it is LDF, UDF or BJP). I have been there in Delhi, Bangalore and now in Chennai. I never have seen even a Bharat Bandh affecting daily life of common people in these states. In Kerala we have village wise, district wise, state wise and zonal wise harthals. Horrible no? When will the leaders understand our problems?

Inflation still goes up, Chances for high interest rates

We are Indians�facing a major economic thretening for the last few months. Inflation. Before I never bother about this. But when I became a housewife and started to buy groceries, I can realize its effect in our day to day life. Each time the price of vegetables and onion changing. We are getting good salaries and all. So we can manage things somehow. What about the people who are working for daily bread? Poverty and starvation will come back in its full strength. What a horrible situation.

This is the latest news update in

India’s inflation rate shot up to its highest level in more than 16 years this month, increasing the chances of the fourth rise in interest rates in Asia’s third-largest economy since June.

The commerce ministry said high prices for food and other essential commodities had driven inflation to 12.63 per cent in the week ending August 9, compared with 12.44 per cent the previous week.

Stocks fell ahead of the announcement amid concern that higher inflation would force the central bank, the Reserve Bank of India [Get Quote], to apply the brakes more firmly on a slowing economy.

The Bombay Stock Exchange’s benchmark Sensex index fell 3 per cent to 14,243.73 points.

The gradual climb in inflation towards the 13 per cent mark fits with economists’ forecasts. Most believe it will peak at between 13 and 14 per cent in the coming two to three months on the back of high oil, steel, cement and food prices and a low base effect from last year. The trend is alarming the Congress party-led ruling coalition, which must face elections before next May in an electorate that has been hypersensitive to inflation.

The RBI has already expressed concern that in spite of a series of monetary tightening measures, underlying demand in the economy remains strong, putting further potential upwards pressure on prices.

Inflation remains twice the RBI’s comfort zone of below 5.5 per cent and is approaching double its target for the end of this fiscal year, next March, of 7 per cent.

Last month, the RBI raised its “repo” lending rate by half a percentage point to a seven-year high of 9 per cent. It also increased the cash reserve ratio, the amount of money banks must keep at the central bank, from 8.75 to 9 per cent.

The drivers behind inflation in the week of August 9 were rising prices for pulses and vegetables, sugar, textiles and cement.

Inflation is expected to get an extra fillip from moves to increase the salaries of 5m central government civil servants by 21 per cent at a cost of $3.6bn (euro 2.4bn, pound 1.9bn) this financial year.

The move is expected to be followed by state governments and state-owned enterprises, providing a stimulus to the economy and making the RBI’s inflation task more difficult.

What will happen? We have to keep money in banks without interest and pay 20% and above for what we borrow?

Palak Paneer -My Favorite North Indian Dish


Spinach – 500 gms
Onions – 5 medium sized
Garlic – 2-3 flakes
Cooking oil – 6-7 tbsps
Cummin seeds – 1 tbsp
Paneer – 150-200 gms
Salt to taste
Garam Masala, Geera Powder, Chilli Powder

Palak Paneer


1.Cook the spinach in water.
2.Drain the water and then make puree of the spinach leaves.
3.Cut 4 of the onions finely and saute them till transparent.
4.Grind the other onion and the garlic flakes to a fine paste.
5.Add this paste to the sauted onions. Also add the puree and the spice
powders. Add some water if necessary.
6.Let boil for a minute or two.
7.Cut the paneer to cubes of desired size (or any other shape. whom am I to tell you to cut to cubes?)�Fry
this in oil till golden brown,
8.Add this paneer to the prepared palak.
9.Serve hot with�nan or rotis.

One more Medal to India!!!

I was hopeless and really depressed by Indian stars performances at Olympics 2008 and it reached at its peak when saw the news that Anju Bobby George failed to qualify for women’s long jump event. I have a special consideration for her. She is a malayalee yaar. Beautiful too. When the Malayalam newspaper gave a chance, I wished her good luck too. Gone was gone.�Sushil Kumar

Here comes happy news. My friend Nicky came and gave me the news update. Wrestler Sushil Kumar claimed India’s second medal at the Beijing Olympics when he won the bronze in the 66kg Freestyle event on today. This is the first time since 1952 Helsinki Olympics that India has won two medals in a single Olympics. Khashaba Dadasaheb Jadhav was the last Indian wrestler to win a medal, when he won bronze in 1952.

Hearty congratulations Sushil.

A Horrible Rainy Day

It’s rarely raining in Chennai. But yesterday it was horrible. I started late from office and reached my husband’s place by 7.00 pm. As soon as we started drizzling. Within seconds it was going to rain heavily. So my sweet husband forced me to get down from the motorbike and get into a bus to our place. First I din’t mind. Actually I like to get wet in rain. In childhood days, my mom’s main work was to find where I am in the raining time. I used to run in rains or stand below the tiles or pipes to get wet. But I am not enough healthy to repeat those things. When my husband reminded me about my health condition, with half mind I got down. After got into the bus only I remembered that I had only 10 rupees 25 paisa. At office I have given 50 rupees for buying juice and forgot to collect the balance. My bus-fare was rs.4. The rain became very strong and I was afraid that whether my husband reached home or not. When I tried to call him, his mobile was switched. I really got tensed. Another problem is I had only 6.25 rupees only. From the bus stop I have to pick an auto to reach home. These auto people are the highly demanding creatures in Chennai. For a 1km travel also they will ask minimum 50 rupees. Normally in shared autos I am paying 5 rs till our place. But due to rain people started to ask for 10 rupees. I gave 6 rupees to the auto uncle. He just turned and asked who gave this. Luckily he didn’t demand more. I was thinking what to do if he is asking for more money. They can’t wait till I go and get money from home. I had 2 debit cards also with me. But what is the use? Sometimes nothing can replace by money. By the time I reached home I had only 25 paisa with me. When I was in the auto, my husband called me up. By god’s grace he reached home safely and he has switched off his phone because he didn’t want to get the mobile wet. So happy ending.

Because of rain, yesterday we made hot soup, dosa and omelet. It is said that for 2 more days the weather will be like this only. So I will leave early today.

My rain song

Rain rain go away
Come back on a holiday
Thunder is a wonder
But I don’t like that hunter

How’s it?