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The Sound of Music

This is one of my favorite movies. My friend had a DVD and he gave to me. Still I don’t know how many times I have seen it. Such a beautiful musical movie. Whenever I get time, I listen to the songs from “The sound of music”. “My favorite things”, “I am sixteen going on seventeen”, “So long farewell” and “do-re-me” are my favorite songs in this movie. It is heard that the movie is based on a real incident.

This is the summary of the movie

A novice in a strict Salzburg Abbey, Maria loves the beauty of nature and always forgets about religious duties. She�s always late for prayers and mass. The senior nuns always think �How to solve a problem like Maria?� But they also agree that Maria taught them love. She�s such an enthusiastic lady. She�s always very active and energetic. Mother Abbess thinks Maria is suiting for life outside the convent and very kind to Maria. Once gets a chance, she decides to sends Maria to Captain von Trapp�s house to work as a tutor for his seven children.

Captain von Trapp is a widower and brought up his children in a military discipline. I really laughed when the children came one by one in a parade to introduce them to Maria. They all wear uniform at home also. Maria really surprised by seeing all these. Except the youngest one, all the others didn�t like her at the first meeting. She finds out that she is the newest of many tutors that the children have already driven away.

But the first day itself Maria can get the support of the children by her soft attitude and music. The very next day, Captain goes to get her fianc�e. Thus Maria become very close to the children. She made them dresses from the costly curtain materials used in captain�s house. She teaches them to sing and dance. It was a new experience for the children. A puppet show arranged by the children really surprises the captain. Actually he also was a good singer. After his wife�s death, he never practices anything. Captain presents Baroness Schroeder as his fianc�e to his children.

Children don�t like the new lady. During a ball, Maria gets a chance to dance with the captain in front of all the guests and while dancing she discovers her feelings for the captain. Captain also feels something. Baroness Schroeder wants Maria to leave the Trapp Villa immediately. She runs backs to the convent. The children suffer Maria’s loss and think ways to bring her back. They go to convent and beg. But she refuses to go back. She confesses her love to the Mother Abbess and she encourages her to go back. Baroness Schroeder realizes that the captain also has some feelings for Maria and leaves. In the presence of 7 children Maria gets married the captain in the same church where she practiced to become a nun.

When they come back from their honeymoon, the Nazis conquered Austria and force captain to do naval service. Captain refuses it and wanted to escape with his family in the darkness. But the force was there around the villa. After begging, they got a chance to participate in a chorus festival (for that they have registered before) at the Salzburg Festival Hall. The police also accompany them there. Captain and family sing a song which is a contribution to their beloved country before they leave it forever. The von Trapps make a dramatic escape after the singing. During prize distribution only the police came to know that the captain and family have escaped. They goes to Maria’s Abbey and with the help of nuns hiding in the cemetery. The last scene shows the Trapp family climbing the Alps. I felt it�s symbolic. It�s a climbing to the new life and independence,

Julie Andrews’s Maria is such a nice character. I think she only sang the songs of this movie. A talented cast. The captain, children, nuns etc made their part well. Nice music and songs, beautiful landscapes and sentimental story. “The Sound Of Music” won the Academy Awards for Best Picture of 1965 and Best Director. Try to see the movie if you get a chance. Surely you also will like it.

3 Bosses – 3 Roses (part 3)

Today I am going to write my experience with my new boss. He’s Vijay Chakravarthy, an energetic young man who considers his office as his life and partner. He’s very much fond of dancing and a professional western dancer. Before coming to the interview, I checked the company website and saw his dance performance photo in CEO profile. I stunned by seeing that. As I was an experienced candidate, my interview was directly with him. Search engine genie was urgency with a Pay per Click manager and immediately I got appointed. He gave me a nice designation “Search Engine Expert”. That was my first interview @ Chennai and he ensured me that I will get good exposure over here. It’s really true. Till that time I was just doing the work which was assigned to me. My imaginations and creativity were narrowed inside my office walls. I never thought out of the box. He gave me nice opportunities to study and think. I have never been to the blogging area before. He forced me to start writing in PPC blog and now I am very much comfortable in blogging. He’s always supporting and appreciating me for even small achievements.

He’s a good friend of mine and finds some time to chat with me everyday. He’s very strict at office hours and going wild if he sees something wrong. He is a good player. I love to watch his expressions on game Saturdays. If some other team plays well, his face becomes a balloon. During games, he keeps on quarrelling with our HR or technical head. No-one else has the guts to fight with him. If his team members won’t play well, somehow he arranges a place within the first 4 places. He’s very particular about beauty of his body and very strict in his in-takes. He only explained me about all the advanced techniques in SEO. It is nice to discuss him with the do’s and don’t of Search Engine Optimization. He’s a really hardworking man and a self starter. When he started this company, he had only one capital � self confidence. His confidence and handwork made “search engine genie” and “Vijay” a top brand among our clients and SEO industry.

Here I have many more things to learn. I am getting good exposure. I am giving more importance to that only. Money will come and go. But knowledge?

3 Bosses – 3 Roses (part 2)

Thus I reached Bangalore. I joined Blue Flame Internet Services Pvt. Ltd on August 1st 2005. Bangalore was my dream city that time. As soon as I got a job I accepted the offer and joined there. My boss’s name was Ashwin Iddya. He’s a real internet savvy. He only helped me to find a nice and peaceful accommodation. On the first day I was really tensed. That day was enough for me to feel that I reached in such a nice workplace. Harishkumar (we usually call him BP) taught me how to do PPC. I got nice friends like Binny, Madhu, Mahima, Ashok, Krithi, Mamta etc there. These people are still finding time to contact me through phone calls, mails and orkut. So sweet. In my 2.8 years life in BFI, I never saw Ashwin in an angry mood. He doesn’t know how to speak roughly or rudely. He was always so soft. He loves chocolates and coke. We used to keep bottles of coke and boxes of chocolates in fridge. He accepted our repeated request and turned to Appy Fizz instead of coke. He loves popes and rocks. I sometimes quarreled with him for keeping the music in full volume. He used to reduce the volume even if I After completing my 1st year there I asked him for my feedback. He told me “You have to change one thing” and stooped for a minute. I thought I made some mistake and starred at him. Suddenly he told me �try to enjoy loud music. Allow me to put music in sound volume”. There was chance to enjoy every small occasions. Many times I felt that he is a man who knows all the big things in this world and doesn’t have idea about the silly matters. If you see him gloomy, it is sure that the stock market is down and his shares have less value. Nothing else can make him blue. All the girls in my hostel were jealous in the privileges we are getting in our office. Weekly eat-out, tour in 6 months, movies, gift vouchers, bonuses…

Only because my husband -to-be was here in Chennai, I left my job there in Bangalore. All the people in Bangalore office tried to get a job for my husband there. But god’s plan was something else. He got a better job in Chennai itself and I also had to come over here. Still, whenever i get a call from my BFI, the first question they are asking is “when are you coming back?” In future, i won’t think that I will get such a happy working atmosphere. I thank Ashwin and all my team members there. And a special congratulation for Ashwin as he’s going to enter a new life on September 1st. This is your marriage gift in advance.

Our Joel became Christian

Last Sunday was my brother-in-law’s son’s (Joel) baptism. You know what baptism is? If you know just check whether what I have written here is right or not. If you don’t know what baptism is then read ahead.

Baptism is a Christian spiritual ceremony. This sacramental act turns one as a full member of the Church-Christian. Most Christians, for example Roman Catholics (we are Roman Catholics), Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, and Methodists are baptized as babies.
Baptism normally will happen anytime after 7 days of birth if there are no emergencies.

In New Testament we see, John the Baptist baptized for repentance, baptizing Jesus and many others. In apostolic era, baptism was usually by immersing or pouring water. The candidate had to stand in water and water to be poured over the upper part of the body. To replicate the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan, early days Christians choose rivers for performing baptisms.

According to Christian belief, all are successors of Adam & Eve and so born in sin. So during baptism time, we believe that our sins are washed off and we are born again in god. It is some what like a naming ceremony in Hindu culture. In Kerala, the first baby will get the name of his/her dad�s father�s/mother�s name and second baby will get his/her mom�s father�s/mother�s name. I am not 100% sure about this. In our family it�s like that. For catechism and church related purposes, we usually use this baptism name only.

As our Joel is my brother-in-law’s first baby, he�has given the�name of my father-in-law. He’s now 5 months old and was crying by seeing all the preparations and crowd. After the ceremony he got many gifts and there was a nice lunch for the invitees.

3 Bosses – 3 Roses (part 1)

Currently where I am working is my third company. I am working in Search engine genie for the last 3 months. Here I would like to share my experience with my bosses.

My first office was Indlaw communications pvt ltd. I will tell you about my first interview experience here in another post. I was working with that company till I left Delhi. Mr. Joseph Pookkatt was my boss over there. He is a famous advocate in supreme court. I always wonder how a man from law background could think about a law resource online 10-15 years before. Now indlaw is one of the best law resource in world wide web. Evenif his parents are keralites, my boss born and bought up there in bangalore and then settled his work and living in delhi. He was not that much comfortable in takling in malayalam. He knows malayalam only because his baby sitter and car drivers were keralites. whenever I went to him, he used to speak to me in malayalam only. He might think that as I am a fresher and new to delhi, It would be difficult for me to speak in english or hindi. It has increased my confidence when spoke to him. I could approach him directly and tell him any difficulties. He allowed me halfday on saturdays to go to my study centre. Some times I asked him permission to go to church. Then he told me “If you will pray for our company then only i will send you”. I did so. I am very happy to see indlaw at the top of all law sites. I use to check their website and still receiving their newsletter. I got somany good friends over there. ut the extreme climate cheated me. Otherwise I was still working for indlaw. I don’t that noone before or after joined me got such a nice send off party and gift. I got a job in a new field and flew to IT city of India.

I Will tell that story tomorrow.

Soft Spongy Appam

kerala palappam


Rice powder – 4 cups
Grated coconut – 2 cups
Roasted rava – 1 cup
Water – 1 1/2 – 2 cups
Yeast – 1/2 tsp
Sugar – 1/2 tsp

Preparation method

Boil water and add rava to that. Make a thick paste. Keep it for cooling. in half cup of warm water mix yeast and sugar and keep this for 10-15 minutes. Take yeast water, rava and rice powder and 2 cup water in mixie and mix it nicely. Keep it for 8-10 hrs. Grind coconut nicely. If you like you can add some sugar also. Add this coconut paste to the mix and add enough salt. On the heated pan, pour 1 spoon of appam mix and keep it close using the lid. No need to turn it. After 1 minute your soft appam is ready. Chicken roast is a best combination with this appam. If you are a vegetarian try vegetable kuruma.

Beauty of Kerala

Neelakurinji in Munnar, Kerala

Neelakurinji or Strobilanthes Kunthiana blooms in a bunched style on distinctive inflorescence stocks once in every 12 years in the Silent Valleys of Munnar, Kerala. Here�s a picture taken in 2006. We have to wait till 2018 to see next full bloom.

Muttar – Aleppey (Alappuzha) – Very nice place for picnic. Full greenary and lake is near by. Photos taken in last may

Backwaters, Kumarakam, Kottayam. If you like, you can spend the whole day & night in houseboat. Affordable packages are available. They will provide you food for 3 times. Fresh fish (karimeen) and kappa are the main items in the menu.

Will post more pictures later.

Spicy Rasam


Chilly powder
Turmeric powder
Coriander powder
Small onions
Black pepper
Curry leaves
Small piece ginger (optional)

Preparation Method

Heat black pepper, fenugreek and a pinch of asafetida and powder it. Crush garlic and onions and ginger. Heat a pan and add little bit oil. Season mustard and curry leaves. Add garlic and onion. Let it become golden brown. Add coriander powder. When it becomes dark brown, add turmeric powder and chilly powder. Add the powdered ingredients and enough salt and tamarind paste. Now add water according to your requirement. This rasam is bit spicy. Still it is very good for cold and digestion.

You may notice that I never tell you about the quantity of ingredients. Its only because, I am also not sure about that. While making a dish if I feel something is missing, I will add it that time. I love to put more chilly and salt. You may not like that much spicy dish. So please forgive me. But I am sure about the ingredients. �

A Loyal Doctor

2 days before my hubby’s shoulder was paining. He has minor shoulder pain from the morning and when he did push-ups during his exercise, it increased and he couldn’t move his left hand. We went to a famous hospital near by. Actually we wanted to go to the gastroenterologist as my husband has disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and we believed that the pain is because of that only. But while the time we reached the hospital he was not available. So someone referred us to the chief medical consultant. We felt very comfortable that the doctor is a keralite and his first and last name contain names of saints. by the time we reached the consultation room, his assistant told doctor had gone for rounds and would come within 20-30 minutes.

We started to wait. 9.30, 10.00, 10.30 time went on. Then the assistant told doctor had gone to a meeting and coming directly from there. At last he came. My husband had this same problem before and so we went with recent ECG and prescription lists from other doctor. He was not even ready to hear anything. He told us to tell about that particular day’s problem. We told that. Then he wrote for 5 types blood test (including thyroid and cholesterol), urine test, ECG, X-ray and lungs tests. We did all those things and they told us to come in the afternoon to collect the reports. We didn’t get any medicines. Evening we went and collected all the reports and gone to the doctor again. He checked all papers and told everything normal, you can go. I lost my temper. Still I asked him politely-“Sir, both of us took leave today only because his shoulder is paining and still now we didn�t get any medicine. He can’t move his left hand now also”. Suddenly he took prescription pad and gave such a lengthy list. Some medicines for 15 days, some for 30 days and 1 tablet for 3 months. If everything seems normal, why did he prescribe all those medicine? He wrote medicines of a particular company and told us to buy that only. Out of 7, 6 types of medicines we got from the pharmacy. For one medicine we went to minimum 5 medical shops. Pharmacists told they would give us same medicine from another companies. Yesterday my hubby went with some other reports to the doctor. That time he was not there in the hospital where we went previously and was working in another hospital. He went there, met the doctor and got the same medicine from that pharmacy. I told my husband “You can do any exercise; but no push -ups. Today�s push -up cost us nearly 4000”

Yes, that doctor is loyal to the hospital where he works and to the medicine company who gives him costly rewards. But to the patients?????

About a White Lotus

Lotus Temple is one of my favorite places in New Delhi. It�s a worth visiting tourist spot. Very calm and quiet place. People are not allowed to make a small sound inside the temple.� The volunteers are always trying their best to keep pin drop silence inside the temple. Its based on Bahai faith and this faith (Bahai) doesn�t believe in a specific god and not collecting money from people. Inside the temple is like a large meditation hall. There is no picture or statue of any God or religion. I was so glad to get a chance to visit this symbol of the spiritual unity of mankind. It is surrounded by an awesome garden. It offers peacefulness to the visitors. This is a beauty queen amongst temples. If you go to Delhi, do visit this place.

“There is one God; mankind is one; the foundations of religion are one” – Bahai Holy Writings. This is the thought behind Lotus Temple. It is located in Kalkaji, southern part of Delhi. We were staying 10 km away from that. The temple is white in color and has a shape of half opened lotus flower. It is made up of marble, cement, sand and many other things. Lotus Temple is a wonder of 20th century architecture. People from all ethnicity, spiritual faith and race from around the world come over there. Lotus Temple is the 7th and latest Bahai houses of worship in the globe. The temple is a must visit place for all tourist who comes to Delhi.

Brain behind

Lotus Temple was designed by Iranian architect Mr. Fariborz Sahba and was presented the Award for Excellence in Religious Art and Architecture by the Us-Based Institute of Structural Engineers in the UK, for designing a building that was so beautiful in the form of a flower and so outstanding in its visual impact. It was my hobby to check light flooded Lotus Temple when reaching Maharanibhag.

For your reference

Lotus temple is kept closed on Mondays. And another important thing is that the timing is different for summer and winter. In summer it keeps open 9 am – 7 pm and in winter (October-March) timing is 9:30 am – 5:30 pm.